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Who gets the family pet in our Divorce? An Update.

At Soby Boyden Lenz LLP, our lawyers handle every kind of family law issue, including the area of pet ownership, custody and support. Should your relationship be ending or you are considering divorce, it is important to seek legal advice regarding your pet custody and support wishes. 

Religious Divorce

A Jewish woman will often request a Get from her husband. A Get is a Jewish, religious divorce that is granted to the wife by the husband. According to the Jewish religion, a woman must have been granted a Get in order to remarry in the Jewish religion. 

The Divorce Act of Canada - bringing you more than just divorce

All Divorce in Canada is governed by the Divorce Act, R.S.C 1985, c. 3 (2nd Supp.). This legislation applies nationally to all married couples who are divorced or who are in the process of divorcing. Divorce occurs when a court officially ends a marriage between a married couple. A married couple can be two heterosexual individuals or two same-sex individuals as section 2 of the Divorce Act was amended in 2005 to define a spouse as "either of two persons who are married to each other".

Incomes of Parties Not Sole Determinant in Spousal Support for Long-Term Marriage.

This was an application by the husband to vary an interim order for spousal support and cancel arrears. The parties were married in 1980 and separated in 2010. In August 2011, an interim spousal support order was made in favour of the wife in the amount of $4,000 per month. The order was based on representations that the husband's annual income was $234,195. 

Child's Best Interests Trumps Divorce Judgment

This was a successful appeal by the mother from an Order varying the father's access. The Divorce Judgment granted the parties equal parenting time to their two children, but the father was unable to have access due to his job which required shift work. After the father had changed jobs, he sought mother's agreement to equal access on an alternating week basis and obtained a court order to that effect at the Court of Queen's Bench, when the mother refused. One child had special needs which required consistent environment. 

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