Spousal Support — Financial Assistance After Separation and Divorce

The end of a marriage or common-law relationship brings on many changes, particularly to each party's financial situation. Spousal support is a complex, multi-factorial issue — one that must be properly navigated from the outset. At Soby Boyden Lenz, our lawyers help clients throughout Alberta seek favourable, pragmatic outcomes in spousal support.

The Role of Financial Support

Spousal support is intended to help a disadvantaged party offset negative financial impacts arising from separation or divorce. This often occurs in cases where one party worked and the other gave up educational or career opportunities in order to raise the children.

At the end of the relationship, the working spouse may be required to compensate for such losses. Spousal support also provides assistance while the other spouse moves toward becoming financially self-sustaining.

Important Factors in Spousal Support Claims

Spousal support is not an automatic right. Those who are married or in an adult interdependent partnership can apply for it, but must prove their case.

Our lawyers have extensive experience assessing complex separation and divorce cases. As the oldest family law firm in Calgary, Alberta, we have a deep understanding of the many factors involved in spousal support claims. We uphold high ethical standards in negotiating arrangements that match the needs of our clients, the facts of the case and the latest developments in family law.

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