Using Domestic Agreements in the Family Setting

Contracts are legal documents that set out the terms of a relationship between the signing parties. They are used in business, real estate, commerce and many other contexts — including family law. At Soby Boyden Lenz, we have helped thousands of clients in Calgary, Alberta, leverage the benefits of these useful tools, known as family law agreements.

Dependable Advice on a Full Range of Domestic Contracts

Our firm is the oldest and one of the largest boutique law firms in the City. With over 150 combined years of experience backing our team, our lawyers know the best ways to use domestic contracts, including:

Professional Legal Review Before Signing

If you have received a proposed draft of a family law agreement, our lawyers can conduct an independent legal review of the document. We can help you:

  • Clearly understand the terms
  • Answer your questions
  • Identify any missing items
  • Alert you to potential problems

Drafting Agreements to Protect Your Interests

If you want to create a family law agreement but are unsure what to include or how to proceed, we can help. Our lawyers will listen carefully to your needs, assess your situation, and clarify your goals. Then, we will draft a thoroughly-contemplated agreement that is legally enforceable and that protects your interests.

Contact Our Firm for an Appointment

To arrange a review of your family law agreement or to consult about drafting one, call 403-770-9336 or send us an email.