Emergency Protection and Restraining Orders in The Family Context

Separation and divorce can be one of life's most stressful events. Conflict can easily escalate and erupt into violence. In such situations, a family member may need to take legal measures as a protection against harm by a spouse, ex-partner or co-parent. At Soby Boyden Lenz, we provide compassionate care and reliable guidance to our clients during these critical times.

Emergency Protection Orders

If you have been assaulted or threatened with violence by a family member, take immediate action. Call 911 and find a safe place that places you out of danger. The police can obtain an Emergency Protection Order ("EPO") when investigating a domestic violence incident.

Our lawyers have many years of experience navigating complicated family law issues in Calgary, Alberta. We can review the EPO in the context of your separation or divorce. We can help you:

  • Review the order and the consequences of breaching it
  • Know how to navigate within the parameters of an order
  • Seek an extension or confirmation where necessary
  • Seek to vacate an order that was wrongly applied or no longer necessary

Other Restraining Orders

If the possibility of violence exists, but the situation is not urgent, you may apply for other no-contact orders. You may also be able to seek an order to gain temporary, exclusive possession of a home or other asset. We can help you understand the impact of court orders while working to negotiate the issues you have at stake in separation or divorce.

Consult with Our Lawyers

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