At Soby Boyden Lenz we have represented clients at arbitration hearings and also have acted as arbitrators in family law disputes. John Soby Q.C. is an experienced and trusted family law arbitrator.

An arbitrator is a person who is chosen by both parties to make a decision about an issue that they have been unable to resolve.

The arbitrator

  • Is chosen by the parties and appointed by written agreement that sets out the following:
  • The issue(s) to be resolved
  • Pre-hearing procedural matters
  • The fee to be charged by the arbitrator
  • The date and place of the hearing
  • When the decision will be released
  • What appeal is available (if any)
  • Is impartial
  • Makes a decision after hearing evidence and argument
  • Is bound by the rules of natural justice regarding notice and fairness

Arbitration provides

  • A private forum in which to resolve disputes
  • The choice of a decision-maker with a specialized background in the area of dispute
  • Flexibility of format:
    • As formal as a trial in court
    • As informal as the parties prefer
    • Parties may have legal counsel or not
    • Arbitration can be structured to suit the dispute
    • Arbitration can deal with pre-hearing issues; for example: disclosure of information, exchange of documents, expert reports and interim arrangements, if desired
  • Flexibility in timing of hearings
  • Certainty around the timing of the decision
  • A final and binding decision – appeal is very limited unless specifically provided for in the Arbitration Agreement
  • An arbitration award that is enforceable by the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta
  • A pre-determined method of resolving possible future disputes

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