Divorce – Professional Help to Finalize the End of a Marriage

As the oldest family law firm in Calgary, Alberta, Soby Boyden Lenz can guide you through the often stressful and emotionally-taxing process of a divorce. We provide the legal advice and skilled representation you need to protect your rights and move onto the next phase of your life.

Simple, Uncontested Divorce

Some couples are able to agree mutually on post-divorce issues. If this is your case, our lawyers can help you process the paperwork and navigate the judicial system to formalize the end of your marriage.

Guidance Through a Contested Divorce

Other cases involve conflict, either over the terms of the divorce or the actual decision to get divorced. If you are involved in a contested divorce, our lawyers can assess the issues you have at stake, including:

Choosing an Effective Dispute Resolution Method

In addition to assessing the issues at stake, we will help you select the most appropriate avenues for settling divorce issues. At all stages, we may be able to arrive at a mutual resolution through skilled negotiation. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as third-party mediation or family arbitration may be useful next steps.

If conflict escalates, litigation in court may be necessary. As seasoned trial lawyers with extensive experience at all three levels of court in the province, our lawyers can assemble a solid legal strategy and argue your case in court. Our aim is to achieve arrangements that put you in the best position possible following the divorce.

Arrange a Consultation to Discuss Your Case

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