Cost Effective Mediation

$250.00 per hour.
Flexible Scheduling.
Focused on Results.

Micah Chartrand completed his mediation training with the Legal Education Society of Alberta in 2018. The first five years of his family law career were primarily focused on litigation. While there may be times to involve the courts in a family law dispute, Micah has observed what people have learned the hard way - family law disputes are often far too expensive and time consuming. Separating parties oftentimes approach family law firms expecting their matters to be resolved quickly and amicably, only to find unforeseen and expensive problems arise which could have been resolved with effective communication and clarity.

Micah's mediation practice focuses on one goal, which is to assist parties in cutting through the distractions in order to move on with their lives. Whether you are self-represented or assisted by a lawyer, Micah is prepared to help you focus on the issues that really matter and avoid the pitfalls that land parties in the financially and emotionally draining court system.

What you can expect:

  • Practical navigation through any family law issue, including parenting and property division.
  • An open, relaxed, and respectful atmosphere where settlement options can flow freely without fear of court intervention.
  • Self-represented parties will be empowered to instruct their legal counsel with confidence once retained.
  • Detailed mediation reports, and options for legally binding agreements when assisted by legal counsel.
  • Flexible scheduling and no cancellation fees.

Please feel free to contact Micah directly at 403-262-0000 if you have any further questions about his services. Micah is able to travel to rural locations in Alberta for mediations.

We look forward to working with you.