Parental Relocation and Child Mobility Issues

In today's constantly changing society, individuals and families are on the move more than ever before. Whether due to reasons such as career, extended family, the economy or other factors, the impact to children of separated or divorced parents can be significant.

If you are contemplating a move with your child or your ex-spouse is proposing a relocation outside of Calgary, across Canada or internationally, the lawyers at Soby Boyden Lenz can help.

Strategic Negotiations to Reach Consensus

Moving a child or moving with a child without notifying other involved parties could result in serious, long-term consequences. Before you take action, our lawyers can assess your situation, review any existing parenting agreement or court order and provide guidance on the best approach to move forward.

As skilled negotiators, we can help you reach a workable arrangement with the other parent, guardian and those who have access or contact with your child. Early, well-planned discussions can often bring about an amicable resolution. If alternative resolution methods fail, our lawyers have extensive experience at all three levels of court in Alberta and are fully equipped to help you litigate the matter.

Reconciling the Best Interests of Your Child

Parental relocation and mobility issues can be challenging to navigate. Your current court order or agreement for custody, guardianship, access or parenting time was put into place in the best interests of your child. Changing them requires solid reasons and evidence demonstrating that the move will continue to put your child's best interests first — above your own needs or wishes.

Many factors must be carefully weighed, such as:

  • Reasons for the move
  • The wishes of the child
  • The current relationship between child and parent and guardians
  • Legal, financial and emotional impacts
  • Possible accommodations or concessions for the parent left behind — such as a decrease in child support payments or increased access

Whether you are planning to move or will be impacted by an ex-spouse's move with your child, our lawyers can provide advice and representation.

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