Navigating Complex Cases Involving Parental Alienation and Estrangement

Child custody has always been one of the most sensitive issues facing separated parents. In recent years, the growing problem of parental alienation has added a troubling layer of complexity to family law cases.

Whether you are the target of accusations or you suspect your ex-spouse of systematically estranging your child from you, the lawyers at Soby Boyden Lenz can help.

Parental Alienation — An Emerging Issue

Parental alienation is not to be confused with a child's simple preference for spending time with a parent. It is a form of psychological abuse in which one parent engages in a campaign to negatively affect the child's relationship with the other parent.

A parent who carries out this kind of indoctrination does not act in the best interests of the child. Rather, he or she acts without justification and, in effect, deprives the child of the normal desire to have a healthy relationship with the other parent.

Thorough Investigation — An Important First Step

When emotions run high, parents often have difficulty separating issues involving child access. This can be especially challenging in cases of parental alienation.

With over forty years of practising as a family law boutique in Calgary, Alberta, our firm has extensive experience analyzing perplexing family law matters. If you suspect a case of parental alienation, our lawyers can:

  • Assess the factual and legal details
  • Seek expert opinions from psychologists and other professionals
  • Identify and pursue options, such as family reunification programs
  • Assemble a legal strategy to resolve the matter

Consult with Our Legal Team

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