Child Custody and Guardianship — Arranging for Care and Decision-Making

Children are often key figures that bind a family together. When the relationship between parents breaks down, deciding how to care for the children going forward can be distressing and emotionally draining.

At Soby Boyden Lenz, we act as compassionate and dedicated advocates. We guide our clients through difficult decisions regarding child custody or guardianship. Over our decades of practice in Calgary, Alberta, we have helped thousands of families find customized, practical solutions for the sensitive issue of child custody or guardianship.

Understanding Your Legal Rights as Parents

In Alberta, parents can apply for custody or guardianship depending on their marital status and whether they use federal or provincial legislation.

Contrary to common perception, custody and guardianship are not only about which parent the child will live with. It also includes making daily and major decisions for the child in such areas as healthcare, education and religion. Both parents may be guardians or have joint custody even if the child lives with one parent most of the time.

Our lawyers can help you understand the rights, limitations and parameters of custody or guardianship.

Custody and Guardianship in the Best Interests of Children

You and your ex-spouse may be able to agree on custody or guardianship. Mutual consensus is the least expensive, least time-consuming and least stressful way to resolve the matter.

If you disagree, our lawyers can represent you through alternative dispute resolution services or, if necessary, through court. In all cases, we work to create custody or guardianship structures that are workable, fair and above all, in line with the law's first priority - your child's best interests. We can also guide you on the related area of access and parenting time.

Discuss Your Separation or Divorce Case

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