Child Access, Parenting Time and Shared Parenting

Even after parents separate or divorce, most will still need to interact with each other regarding their children. Many times, this involves decisions on visitation and time that the child spends with each parent.

At Soby Boyden Lenz, we understand the immediate and long-term impacts that separation and divorce have on families. We work with dedication, pragmatism and creativity to help our clients create sustainable arrangements for post-relationship parenting.

Shared Parenting — Raising Children After a Split

Depending on whether you use federal or provincial legislation to settle separation or divorce matters, arrangements involving children involve different rights and responsibilities.

Our lawyers can help you understand the laws that apply. We will work with you to make plans that provide the best possible environment and conditions to help your child thrive.

Time With Parents — a Child's Right

Under the law, a child has the right to have a relationship with his or her parent. Even in cases where only one parent has custody or guardianship, the child will usually have arrangements in place to spend time with both parents.

A court order or parenting agreement provides details on visitation, such as when, where and how long the child will spend with a parent. They may also include arrangements for holidays or certain conditions such as the need for supervision. Our lawyers can help you devise and negotiate a plan to optimize the benefits of time spent together after the separation or divorce.

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