Child Support Issues: Income Determination, Special Expenses, Enforcement, Reviews and Variation

While support arrangements are made with the best interests of the child in mind, parents do not always agree on what is fair. As Calgary, Alberta's oldest family law firm, the lawyers of Soby Boyden Lenz have successfully navigated separation and divorce cases of all kinds.

We can provide leading-edge advice to settle the issue of child support. We work for equitable arrangements that combine your child's best interests and the financial facts of the situation.

Income Determination — The Key to Crafting a Fair Arrangement

Child support is arranged based on the payor's ability to pay. In simple cases, a parent's tax filing may be sufficient in calculating an appropriate amount. In other cases, income may be more difficult to assess.

Gaining a fair outcome in child support depends on gaining a full and comprehensive picture of the payor's income. Such income may include:

  • Self-employment income
  • Multiple sources of income
  • Complex investment income
  • Income in corporations or business
  • Hidden assets or income

No matter how complex the case, our lawyers are skilled at helping clients gain the best possible disclosure. We work hard to calculate and seek child support arrangements that properly reflect maximized benefit to children and equitable structures for the paying parent.

Seeking Special and Extraordinary Expenses

Some children have needs that go beyond typical expenses. These may include:

  • Post-secondary education, private education or extra educational programs
  • Health-related expenses
  • Extracurricular programs for gifted or special needs children
  • Childcare expenses under certain circumstances

We can assess the facts and determine your eligibility for increased support and the appropriate amount you may be able to seek.

Representation for Enforcement and Variations

Some child support cases require review, modification or intervention. This may happen if:

  • Your child's financial needs change
  • As a payor, a new financial situation warrants a change in your support obligation
  • Your co-parent fails to live up to an arrangement or court order for child support

In all such cases, we can step in, provide legal advice and find the means to resolve the matter.

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