Child Support — Basic Arrangements for the Financial Care of Children

Financial support is a need and a legal right of every child. Whether the mother and father stay together or live separately, both parents have a legal obligation to continue providing financial care. At Soby Boyden Lenz, we can advise you on making child support arrangements that help your children thrive and are fair and reasonable for both parties.

Federal Child Support Guidelines — A Starting Point

Arranging for child support starts with Canada's Federal Child Support Guidelines. These basic calculations ensure that when parents go their separate ways, the children are not left without adequate financial arrangements to cover food, housing, clothes and other normal expenses. At times, the calculations are simple and the parents can agree on an amount.

Going Beyond Basic Child Support

Other cases are more complex and may involve special circumstances, extraordinary expenses or complications with a parent's income. Parents who cannot agree will need to have a judge decide. In both scenarios, our lawyers have thorough knowledge of the latest legal developments and extensive experience in negotiating and litigating child support cases.

Discuss Your Case with Our Lawyers

During an initial consultation, our lawyers can discuss your situation, answer questions and explain how we can help you through your separation or divorce. To arrange a meeting, call our office in Calgary, Alberta at 403-770-9336 or reach us by email.