About the Team at Soby Boyden Lenz

In 1986, lawyers John Soby, Q.C., Elaine Lenz Q.C. and Bob Boyden Q.C. joined forces to form Soby Boyden Lenz. At that time, we were the first law firm in Calgary, Alberta, to focus exclusively on the practice of family law. More than three decades later, we have helped thousands of families and have grown to become one of the largest boutique firms in the City.

Leaders in the Legal Profession

Our team works closely as a single, cohesive group of legal professionals. Some of our team members are Queen's Counsel lawyers, recognized for their outstanding contributions and exceptional merit in the legal field. These seasoned senior lawyers now share their expertise and experience with our later generation practitioners. Together, we are focused, passionate and dedicated to making high-quality legal services available to families throughout the city

Over the years, we have developed an approach that has consistently earned us a reputation for excellence. Individually and collectively, our team stays dynamic — always on top of the latest legal developments, ever continuing to sharpen our skills. The results are evident and colleagues and clients alike recognize our depth of expertise and our integrity for upholding the highest ethical standards.

Active in the Community

Outside of our work for clients, we also participate actively in the local and legal communities. Many on our team support greater access to justice for disadvantaged populations by volunteering our time to the community.

Our lawyers present legal papers, put together professional conferences and serve as board members and executives. Some have served as academic instructors. As part of our ongoing dedication to the profession, we also fund an annual scholarship program for aspiring lawyers at the University of Calgary.

It's all part of how we give back for the success we have enjoyed in the community for our over 30 years of business.

Different Families Require Different Solutions

Every year, our team meets with hundreds of clients, but each family and every situation is unique. That's why our lawyers make use of a collaborative team approach to cases. Professional discussion, creative exchange and shared work equip us to find fresh, cost-efficient solutions for family law matters of all kinds and complexities.

At the end of the day, when our clients can move forward with a customized, legal plan that matches their needs, goals and interests, we've fulfilled our mission. Our greatest satisfaction is in partnering with our clients as compassionate supporters, reliable guides and committed legal advocates.

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